Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Saucer Synchronicities

As I have noted previously at this blog, a number of curious synchronicities occurred during the course of researching and writing my latest book, Contactees: A History of Alien-Human Interaction.

And, now, there has been another one.

On Sunday morning, I finished reading the newly-surfaced account of a person who - in the 1970s - had a Contactee-style experience that in many ways paralleled the 1952 claimed encounters of Contactee Truman Bethurum.

According to Bethurum, on a number of occasions at a place called Mormon Mesa, Nevada, he met with a group of aliens - led by their Captain, the hot and shapely Aura Rhanes - from a planet supposedly called Clarion.

Of course, like most Contactee stories, Bethurum's was highly controversial and attracted as many believers as it did disbelievers.

But, as I note in my book, I do believe that Bethurum had an interaction with something. The precise nature of that something is, of course, a matter of debate and personal interpretation.

Anyway, after I put away the file on this newly-surfaced story that very much reminded me of Bethurum's experiences with the Clarionites, my wife Dana asked if I could help her try and find her camera which she had misplaced.

We looked high and low, but unfortunately (thus far at least!) failed to find it. But, while checking behind the TV set (to see if the camera had perhaps fallen there), I came across Dana's high-school yearbook for 1982.

What on earth (or off it!) does all this have to do with the Contactees you may justifiably ask? Okay, I'm coming to that!

Although Dana is a U.S. citizen, she actually grew up in the Cayman Islands and graduated from school there. I picked up the yearbook, with the intention of moving it to one side while I looked around for the camera, and was startled by something that I had never noticed before (admittedly it had been at least 7 or 8 years since I last looked at the yearbook): the cover of the book reads: 82 Clarion (see the photo above).

Of course, skeptically-minded souls might say this is all some bizarre coincidence. However, I do find it odd that after spending about 2-hours Sunday morning reading a report very similar to that of Truman Bethurum and his friends from Clarion, that I should then - immediately after, no less - stumble across a book with that very word - "Clarion" - adorned across its cover!

In view of this, perhaps I can be forgiven for thinking we live in a dream-world of truly Matrix-style proportions!


  1. The matrix is toying with you, my friend!

  2. Interesting. I have noticed an increase in synchronicity lately, past couple of weeks. Something seems to be happening :)

  3. Hi Nick, I'm a friend of Sharon in Pearland, who suggested I get in touch with you. If you get time, my email is randel@timelessproductions.us
    I'm in Friendswood; for more info on me, I am on myspace/randelsmith and

    Looking forward to your new book; loved your monster hunter book.

  4. Hi, Nick, I am a contactee/experiencer/channel/psychic whom A.M. Murphy will be doing an ongoing series of articles about on her Binall of America column on the BoA site. I think the first segment should be posted next Wednesday. Just putting it out there. Oh, and the universe is not as random as the skeptics think it is. Personally speaking, many events of high strangeness and sychronicities tend to happen to me and to the people who come into my world quite a bit. People who hang out with contactees tend to experience it in overdrive at times, I am constantly getting follow up emails about it right after people have conversations/hang out with me. Not sayin', just sayin'- it never used to happen at any level of "coincidence" before this all started happening.

    Love and Light,

    Anya Briggs
    Channel & Psychic Intuitive Consultant
    Blog: http://anyaisachannel.blogspot.com
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