Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Secrets of Death Valley

A couple of days ago, ufological legend Tim Beckley sent me a copy of the latest release from his Global Communications company: Secrets of Death Valley - Mysteries and Haunts of the Mojave Desert.

If you're into the Contactee issue, you won't want to miss this, as it contains a number of notable gems, including (A) a re-print of George Van Tassel's I Rode A Flying Saucer, (B) Van Tassel's A Brief History Of Giant Rock, and (C) a paper from Regan Lee on the subject of Dana Howard's 1950s encounters with the enigmatic space-sister, "Diane."

The book contains much more too that will be of interest to Forteans everywhere, but is well worth purchasing for the Contactee data alone.

As soon as I have read it, I'll be doing a lengthy review.

UFO Countdown Disclosure Clock

Over at UFO Countdown Disclosure Clock, there's a post that comments in-depth on my Contactees and the Absurdities of Ufology post for LOWFI.

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

The Grand Dark Conspiracy

A few days ago, I was interviewed by Daniel Bautz for his Grand Dark Conspiracy podcast on the issue of my Contactees book. The interview is now available, and can be found at this link. A lot of territory was covered in the interview, including (A) the definition of a Contactee; (B) the theory that many - if not all - Contactee experiences may occur in distinctly altered states; (C) the idea that at least some of the very early Contactees were trying to promote communism via the medium of UFOs; and much more.