Monday, December 21, 2009

Micah Hanks Reviews Contactees

Over at his Gralien Report, Micah Hanks (see photo left) reviews my Contactees book, and says in part:

"...In addition to providing brilliant, informative first-hand research, Contactees also highlights the work of a variety of other individuals who have staked claims in the field of Ufology and alien encounters. Greg Bishop, Timothy Green Beckley, Joshua P. Warren, Jim Moseley, Regan Lee, are all interviewed within its pages, providing what may be the most diverse argument pertaining to human-alien interaction throughout the ages that has ever been produced.

"Perhaps, though sadly, one of the book’s brightest points of interest involves the discussion of cryptoterrestrials, a sort of last will and testament given by the late (and sorely missed) researcher Mac Tonnies. The inclusion of Tonnies’ futuristic interpretations provide icing on the cake to what otherwise would still be by far the best—albeit the strangest—book on UFO contactees to-date.

"Indeed, Contactees outlines a peculiar subculture that remains present in the fringes of Americana, and though well known to some, it has received its best treatment thanks to the efforts of Redfern. With the information provided in this book, one may even begin to interpret the manner and appearances of UFO craft throughout the decades… perhaps the next move of the trans-generational 'Space Brothers' lies within its very words."

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