Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Channeling Edgar Cayce?

This is weird. No, in fact, it's really weird.

My wife, Dana, had to go to the dentist this morning, and so she was up earlier than normal, as she had to make a 40-mile drive to Dallas for her appointment at 8AM.

While Dana was showering, I was still in bed, and - for a few moments, at least - lapsed into a semi-awake/semi-asleep state of what I would call definitive hypnagogic proportions.

Very oddly, I have strange memories of my mouth jabbering and babbling on (in typically odd, chattering, channeling-style) about Edgar Cayce being something like "the exalted one," and the most important psychic messenger of our times.

Now, before people get all excited and start shouting that I am on the way to becoming a Contactee-style Channeler, there's something else to be aware of.

For the last few days, I have been working on the Bibliography for my book, The Pyramids and the Pentagon, which is due for publication in June 2012.

And not only does that book contain a great deal of data on Cayce, but yesterday - during the day - I spent an hour or so checking out the references on Cayce that I needed to include in the Bibliography.

So, in other words, there was indeed a very good and absolutely undeniable reason for Cayce to have been on my mind.

But, I have to say the whole experience was a very odd one. Not at all frightening, but not at all enlightening either. Just plain odd!

And, I have to admit, I got the distinct feeling - in my semi-awake, hypnagogic state - that the data on Cayce was being "downloaded" to me.

Even though - very frustratingly - I can only remember the absolute barest fragments of what I was saying (if indeed there was an audible aspect to this at all, or it was all mind-based). But, I do recall it was absolutely reeling out of my mouth at high speed.

I think - given that Cayce was a big focus of my attention yesterday in relation to the Bibliography issue mentioned above - it probably was some sort of odd hypnagogic experience.

But, given its very unusual nature, even I have to wonder...

And, no, this is not an early April Fool joke, or some book-promoting trip. This, for what it's worth, is how it happened. And I would be willing to swear to that.

Channeling? A hypnagogic experience? A strange combination of the two? Who knows? I'll keep you posted should more surface...