Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Over The Threshold

Good news! Tim Beckley's Global Communications (who do an excellent job of reprinting old and rare books on the Contactee issue) have just released a new edition of Dana Howard's book, Over The Threshold.

I'll be reviewing the book right here as soon as I have read it; but in the meantime, here's what Global Communications have to say about this definitive blast-from-the-past:

"The author befriended the beautiful life form from another world, but was she a spirit or a space being? Dana Howard has been a sensitive since childhood. While still a youngster, she was stricken with tuberculosis and sentenced to an untimely death. Guided by a power higher than infantile reasoning, the young girl went on a hunger fast. It was then that her strange nocturnal travels out-of-body to more serene and beautiful worlds began. The child claims she even made friends in this 'fantasy' realm. Later, when the urge to 'fly' returned, it was than that the author met the beautiful Venusian messenger who called herself Diane. They visited together in the picturesque Mojave Desert which Dana Howard became aware was actually a portal between worlds, a locale which had inspired many stories of UFO landings and meetings with flying saucer occupants. The desert itself, it seems, was "alive" with spiritualized energy, seemingly acting as a magnet, pulling the space woman from the ether onto the desert floor. Far fetched as her experiences may seem, to add weight to her fantastic encounters, the author's inter dimensional friend appeared not only to her, but also to an amazed group of people who had gather with the author in a small white church in Los Angeles for the purpose of conducting a seance during which Diana the space being started to form out of a single thread of ectoplasm. This volume reproduces numerous photos of genuine spirits caught with the eye of the camera in amazing, controversial feats of cosmic photography."

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  1. "Guided by a [higher] power...the young girl went on a hunger fast...then...her strange nocturnal travels out-of-body...began."

    Nick, there's a saying which goes, "When in the land of the faerie - do not eat the food."

    Maybe the reverse applies: eating 'physical' 'human' food keeps you locked in the physical human realm, hence all that fasting the likes of Jesus've gone in for down the ages.

    An activity, note, often carried out in wildernesses like the Mojave Desert, places which're the polar opposite of woods but, like woods, boundary regions AND locations little frequented by people.