Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Kithra, Contactees and the Name Game

Kithra reviews my Contactees book and, in part, says:

"As I read on I found myself thinking about the Name Game, so here are the things that stood out for me in that regard:

- Mr. Janus and Prince Philip’s equerry – it suddenly occurred to me that Janus was also the name of a god in Roman mythology. He was the god of entrances and beginnings and endings. Normally he was shown as having two faces, or heads, facing in opposite directions.
- The story of the Maier sisters reminded me of Billy Meier; spelt differently but perhaps pronounced the same.
- How many of those early Contactees had the same Christian name of George: Adamski and Hunt Williamson, Van Tassel, and Geroge King."

And here's the rest of Kithra's review.

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