Thursday, February 25, 2010

Brown Mountain Mysteries

As those who have read my Contactees book will recall, I have a section in the book on the mysterious aerial lights of Brown Mountain, North Carolina; the tie-in with the stories of the Space-Brothers; and good comments on the whole controversy from Micah Hanks.

Purely coincidentally, I was interviewed on the subject of the Brown Mountain Lights by the National Geographic Channel's new series Paranatural late last year - and the episode in question airs next Monday.

I'm not sure how much of my interview will appear; but in the meantime, here's good friend Josh Warren to tell you more about the episode in question and to tell you about his role in the show.

Over to Josh:

Dear Friends & Associates,

Please put this on your calendar now!

At long last, our highly-anticipated show on "Mystery Lights" is slated to air on the National Geographic Channel. It's called "Paranatural," and should reveal some of the most amazing footage our team has ever captured at the bizarre Brown Mountain. It will debut at 9pm east coast (New York) U.S. time, and may run a few more times that week. For a sneak peak of some weird footage we captured, please see:

For more information, be sure to tune into my radio program, SPEAKING OF STRANGE, this Saturday night, Feb. 27 (weather permitting I can make it to the studio), at 8pm east coast time. You can listen live to the online stream for free at:

Please forward this to your friends so they'll be sure to either watch the show, or set their DVRs, for the National Geographic Channel this Monday night, March 1, 9pm east coast time.



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