Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Andy Lloyd Reviews Contactees

Andy Lloyd, author of the books, The Dark Star; Ezekiel One; and The Followers of Horus reviews my Contactees book:

In part, Lloyd says: "The author presents an excellent and open-minded overview of various strands of research into the phenomenon: Narcotic drugs, hypnogogia, meditative trances, earthlights and the effects of DMT are all analysed thoroughly. There is a folkloric element at play here, too, and he sensibly brings Jacques Vallee's seminal work into the equation. Redfern even considers evidence that government agents were planted to spread ridicule amid a subject that was gaining popular momentum in the US. There are even darker possibilities, with accounts of mind-control experiments conducted on unsuspecting folk in isolated rural areas (as in the case of Villas Boas).

"In the end, Nick Redfern seems to avoid a definitive conclusion. His generally sceptical air indicates he is tackling the subject as just another of his enjoyable paranormal romps. But I know that he is also passionate about the UFO subject, and there remains an under-current of serious enquiry. Perhaps there is some doubt in his mind that the entire subject can dismissed out of hand, as would seem sensible from a more sceptical viewpoint. I think that hesitation to find fraud around every Contact corner is laudable, and provides the right balance to this book.

"I've often wanted to read a book devoted to this subject, and 'Contactees' does not disappoint."

And here's the link to Andy's complete review.

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